Frederick Fine Art Photography | About
Enjoy perusing the galleries. They are organized according to the medium used to produce the fine art prints.

Here are a few comments about each medium:
For over 20 years, I specialized in Black and White fine art photography, capturing the images on film with a large format (4 X 5) camera and making prints on silver gelatin fine art printing paper in my own darkroom.That process is virtually a thing of the past. Black and white fine art printmaking has overwhelmingly moved into the realm of digital photography with the relatively recent advent of fine art digital printing papers and high resolution cameras. Digitally made black and white prints are exquisite!
Color fine art printmaking was the first photographic medium to abandon silver/chemical processes for now pervasive digital processes. We live in a world mostly-but not always- full of color and color photography takes its rightful place alongside other fine art media. I choose to make color images when I believe they will better present the subject matter as a work of fine art. Overriding any other consideration, a work of fine art must capture the subject matter in extraordinary light, regardless of what medium is used.
This process is over 150 years old and in it day was the predominant method of making fine black and white prints. The use of these precious metals in the emulsion on hand-coated papers results in prints of exquisite beauty with a long tonal range making them exceptionally pleasing to the eye.